Did you know that by just completing a wellness exam you could help lower your Group Medical Renewal Premium? Have you asked your physician “What is a Diagnosed Wellness exam?”

“…Medicare says for me to perform a wellness exam and it must be filed under diagnosed code.” You would say, “Ok, what are you going to ask of me for this wellness exam?” “…Height, Weight, Blood Pressure, Medical history, and Med’s / Vitamins you are taking.”

That’s it!

Also, how is your emotional being thru this Pandemic? Have you redesigned your purpose, occupational satisfaction-fulfillment-contentment with work, increased intellectual skills, improved your personal environment? Social skills (humans depend on one another and each other/friends/family wellbeing and sense of belonging)? Humans are designed to promote positive social interactions; this helps boost team cohesion and improve engagement with friends/co-workers/family/new acquaintances.

Wellness promotes Balance, Balance reduces stress. You want to be healthier, wiser, more content than ever before in your life? The answer starts with Diagnosed Wellness!