QUESTION #1 WHAT GIVES YOU ENERGY? Don’t ask yourself what you’re good at. Questions like that are boring and don’t reveal that much. We’re all good at things that we hate doing. You should be interested in the activities that make you feel strong when you do them. What

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Beware the Ide’s of March!

“Beware the Ide’s of March”, that meant strong northerly winds even on a sunny day! Well, in the 21st century, this could mean beware the rising cost in Medical Premium, the unexpected changes in Covid 19 virus, the renewal of your Blood Pressure/Diabetes/general medication. Sometimes we forget that safety

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DW Newsletter

Your employer wants all its employees to achieve Health Equity! Learn how to address Social Determinants of your Health. You can achieve “…health equity” to create a better outcome for your health. The Social Issue relates to non-productive meeting places, come on, you and I know some restaurants would

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