Wellness is not just going to a doctor and doing height, weight, and serious medical history. It is also taking your Rx Medications daily.

Blood Pressure 140/90 or higher is considered High Blood Pressure.
If your Physician has prescribed one (1) or two (2) or more medications, make sure you don’t miss a dose!

Also, South Texas is known as the capital for Diabetes. Have your sugar checked! Diabetes 1, 2 or gestational, depends on your average sugar levels. Most diabetic tendencies can be controlled by diet and exercise.

Diet and Exercise is easily said but not as easy to accomplish; but try this:
Exercise 45 minutes a week. Walk some, ride a stationary bike some, or use a band for a moderate work out.

Wellness: Who profits and Who knows if you’re doing it?! Profit & Who knows… it will be you! A better, stronger, healthier you, in body and mind.

Take care of yourself first so you can take care of others!