What We Do For Clients

We believe in Service! Service! Service!

Our services are performed in three stages. The first stage is planning where we work with you to determine the best options. We then implement your choice of plans and finally we perform complete plan administration on an ongoing basis.

We provide an experienced and knowledgeable service team, available 24/7/365. We even have a Tax Attorney available for questions!

Competitive Analysis

We build a detailed spreadsheet with an extensive analysis of multiple product and carrier options customization to the employers needs and requirements. This provides a basis to determine the best option for your organization.

Enroll, Present & Educate

Once the options have been laid out and your plan is selected we get to work implementing it by enrolling your organizations members and educating your employees for benefits usage. We can also process Electronic Enrollment.

Process Policy Updates

We handle all of the changes required to administrate your plan. When members need to be added or removed it is no problem when you have our team working for you. Additionally we re-analyze your plans annually.

Alternative Solutions

Some benefits may leverage our unique or alternative choices for funding deductibles. These include the MERP/HRA 105-C plan for employer shared deductibles, & the HSA for employee’s to fund their own deductibles.

125-A, C, H & Cobra

We take all the complexity out of managing complex benefits such as the 125-A cafeteria plans, and COBRA. One complex item to manage is always COBRA and that is a focus that we take complete care of for your organization.

Employee Handbook

With new plans come new requirements for your members and staff to be aware of. Updates to the employee handbook are often necessary, and our skilled and experienced team handle the entire process of employee handbook updates related to your benefits plan.


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